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Sept. 30, 2020, 9:53 p.m.

Professional Presentation Slides

By Maurice Ticas



Beamer Beamer is what is known as a LaTeX document class that can be used to create presentation slides to help anyone give a public talk. You will have to structure your TeX markup in a way that makes sense. Using Beamer will free your mind from having to worry too much about layout and document processing of your presentation slides. If you want to easily create a structured TeX document that organizes your thoughts to share publicly, then this LaTeX document class is very much worth a try.

You may be hesitant when you realize there is structure to create when TeXing away on your favorite editor. Yes, indeed, the choice of editor matters for this type of work. A popular choice is Overleaf. In their opinion, Beamer is a way "to create great looking presentations" and they offer a tutorial on how to use the Beamer document class. Sure, but what about other options that can be better?

If you enjoy communicating mathematics when having to give a presentation, then there is no better option than GNU's AUCTeX written as a package for the Emacs text editor. This is the way for "[s]ophisticated document creation" and I recommend always using it if you chose this noble profession.

To help you get started with your next presentation slides, choose a slide deck theme from the Beamer theme gallery. The benefit of this workflow and approach is that you can focus more on content than the layout and document processing that would be required if you choose some GUI-PowerPoint type of way.

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Oct. 9, 2020, 3:35 p.m. - Maurice Ticas

A great LaTeX Beamer tutorial by Michelle Krummel. She introduces us to a very nice Beamer theme named metropolis. To use it, just type in the LaTeX preamble \usetheme{metropolis}.