Induction and deduction are modes of reasoning, particular ways of arriving at an inference

Dec. 31, 2016, 11:44 p.m.

Compute Secolinsky

By Maurice Ticas


We look back at all the available math content that Secolinsky offers on the web. Its targeted readership primarily are those who have a maturity in mathematics acquired from persistently doing it over time. With patience, the reader learns to appreciate the subtletiies and the myriad nuances when thinking mathematically. This small collection of Secolinsky Publications invites you to do and think mathematics.

There are a few Secolinsky Publications that are not PDF documents, but are natively rendered in the browser. In such cases, only the Mozilla's Firefox browser is supported since they are the only browser we trust to natively typeset mathematics.

As we enter 2017, here is a fun post about what can be said about the number 2,017. Cheers! And Happy New Years!


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